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Mattress companies team up with Sleep
Designs to supply Harvey shelters

Houston Chronicle
By Katherine Feser
September 6, 2017

New Jersey-based Eclipse International and Eastman House, two of the nation’s oldest mattress companies, have teamed with Sleep Designs to manufacture and donate twin mattresses for use in shelters for people displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

Sleep Designs, the companies’ Texas licensee, has the capacity to make enough mattresses to fill multiple tractor-trailers. The companies’ suppliers might also help with the donation.

“The Houston community is in dire need of assistance, and we’re here to do whatever it is we can do to help,” Stuart Carlitz, president and CEO of Eclipse International and Eastman House, said in an announcement.

“So many people have been flooded out of their homes, work places and schools for the foreseeable future and they need help. We have a community in need, and the fact that the factory is dry and operational gives us the ability to pitch in and make a difference. Our goal is to provide a comfortable place to sleep for as many people as possible during this disaster.”

The companies have contacted the Federal Emergency Management Agency to determine the quantity needed and best locations for the mattresses.


A message from the President and CEO
of  Bedding Industries of America,
Stuart Carlitz

As the founder of Bedding Industries of America, it is my sincere pleasure to share with you, this unique opportunity.  I invite you to consider the benefits of becoming a licensee of Bedding Industries of America. What I am offering will not only result in long-term business growth but will enable you to take part in the success that has been created through the licensing of our signature brands.

By joining our international group of mattress factories, you will be able to leverage our American Brands thus enabling you to maximize your business. As a licensee, you can expeditiously deploy brands that have decades of exposure and consumer recognition in the United States and other countries.     

Like you, I have been challenged by the competitive nature of our industry and concluded that joining a licensing group would allow me to create my own path to success. Quality products, efficient manufacturing and distribution, along with brands that our licensing organization rejuvenated, helped our licensees enjoy sustainable sales growth and profits. I am offering you an opportunity to join us as we continue the journey.

“The biggest thing that sets us apart from the competition is that we’re not just some corporate office in the sky. We’re also a manufacturer. Everything we ask of a licensee, we’re willing to do ourselves in our New Jersey factory.”
Stuart Carlitz

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